Welcome to BIACAL's online education library of downloadable documents and useful website links 

Head Trauma Support Project

Schurig Center for Brain Injury

Brain Trauma Foundation

Social Security Disability Benefits Guide

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

California's Medi-Cal Program- How to Apply, etc.

St. Jude TBI Network

Social Security Resources Training


Fighting Medical Insurance Denials

Where to start If Your Insurance Has Denied Service

Things to Include in Your Appeal Letter

Starting the Appeals Process

Filing a Formulary Exception


Support Groups

State Wide List

State Wide List- Brain Injury Support Center

Orange County- Cypress

TBI Survivor Network


Stanford Synapse Brain Injury Support Group

Financial Resources

Financial Help Resource Guide

Catholic Charities- Emergency Financial Help

Christian Health Care Sharing Plans

Disability Social Security FAQ

In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) FAQ-FORMS

Co-Pay Relief Program

Housing Resources

Salvation Army- Housing Help

Rent Assistance in Orange County

Los Angeles County Rent Assistance

Kern County Rent Assistance

Howard House- San Diego 

Adam's House- Arizona


Legal Resources

Advance Directive Form- English

Advance Directive Form- Spanish

Disability Rights California

Need a Referral to a Brain Injury Lawyer?  Call Our Office for our Legal Resources List.


Affordable College

Coastline Acquired Brain Injury Program

Santa Monica City College Acquired Brain Injury Program


About Brain Injury

Glossary of Terms

Questions to Ask the Trauma Team

Trauma Center Designations and Levels

  Brain Injury Basics

Functions of the Brain

Anatomy of the Brain

Brain Injury Overview

Understanding Brain Injury

After the Injury



Assessments in the Hospital

Assessments in Rehabilitation

Assessments in Community Based Rehab

Neuropsychological Assessment



Treatment Overview

Mild TBI- There's Nothing Mild About Brain Damage!

Insurance and Payment